Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange was just that strange. As we come to expect from most Marvel films the special effects and computer generated graphics are incredible and visually a joy to watch. I wanted to love this film. I like the casting of Benedict Cumberbatch and the character whom the film is based on. The fight scenes looked amazing but those things alone couldn’t make me love the movie. The plot pacing is painful because several scenes release great tension in favor of random comedic effects. For an extremely serious character development climaxes where the course of the film will change and the viewer is actually excited for what is about to happen it is preceded by a random comedic moment to pull the viewer out of the immersion of the film. I wanted this film to be darker and less funny. Doctor Strange was a decent movie but not a great film.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

As we all come to expect from the Marvel film franchise the special effects are incredible. While the acting caliber in the film is great  it makes the film better than it should be. The reason for that is the weird pacing of the film and the major issue with the plot of the film. The reasons the plot holds back this film is at certain serious points in the film like when Dr. Strange finally realizes he can no longer serve himself and save humanity, is ruined by cheap comedy trying to lighten the mood. In the aforementioned scene, his cape tries to clean him up and then a little spat happens between Dr. Strange and the cloak. These types of scenes are littered throughout the film which makes it easy to not develop a real connection with the film. Then the biggest let down in the film was the end. While it is great that Dr. Strange learns selflessness and decides to trap himself in a time loop with Dormammu it felt like a let down where more action or fighting could have occurred. It finally ends in a logic trap and there is no completion from the love interest in the story. I wanted to like this film, but the plot felt to chaotic for it to be truly enjoyable. If you want a well done action comedy superhero film watch Guardians of the Galaxy before this one.






      Special Effects




          Replay Value



            • Great Special Effects
            • Wonderful Acting


            • Bad Pacing
            • Not Worth Seeing Again

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