Dartmoor Killing

Dartmoor Killing is an interesting film because of the set up and delivery of the plot. It first felt like The Awakening with all the flashbacks, but then turned into Oldboy. The psychopath in the film does a great job at being cold and tactical then completely terrifying. However the character development leaves a lot to be desired. I struggled to care for the characters and what happened in the past because of their actions before the story came to fruition. For most of the film the plot was generic and rehashing the same typical story line. It’s a B rate horror film because it’s not terrible nor is it something to rave about.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

The plot starts off with two women going to spend a weekend out in the country for a wedding present. Then through a series of event it turns out that one of the women knows the man who is in the country and offers to put them up. From there flashbacks occur and jealousy runs amuck. While it combines the cliche into a new format I just felt like there was nothing special to offer. That doesn’t really have to do with the acting more that the plot was stale. I will say that the acting of Callum Blue as Chris was fantastic. He showed a great range of emotions while still being cold and calculating. Once the plot line reveals that one woman was there and tried to stop Chris from having insect with his sister it really fell apart. This Oldboy type plot continues when she then finally remembers she accidentally killed the sister. From that point it becomes hide from the killer. It’s just not that interesting or original. I’d say watch The Awakening or Torment if you want to get your horror fix instead.








        Replay Value



          • Some Good Acting


          • Not A Very Original Plot

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