Dark Room

Religious psychopaths run a muck in this film. It felt like a religious Hostel with disturbing images and the whole bundle. The twists and turns were extremely predictable and the character development wasn’t there for any of the characters other than empathy for the tortured. This film was flimsily build on a foundation of blood and gore. While it delivered blood and gore in spades the film loses replay value because of it. If you enjoyed Hostel and Saw you’ll definitely enjoy this film.

Bottom Line (Waring Contains Spoilers)

This film lives on shock value and in a sick twisted family affair type of way. The idea that a rehab center is really a factory of ‘justice’ for people who got easy by the law is different, but the execution (no pun intended) is just painful to watch. There was so many better ways to do this film instead of setting it up like Hostel and torturing them each in a dark room is just cliche. If they had done something like bring them to a mental break down from forcing them to see their horrible deeds then it would have been so much better. It’s not just shock value.








        Replay Value




          • Bloody
          • Terrible Plot
          • All Shock Value

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