Corpse Bride

Are you a fan of Nightmare Before Christmas? If you answered yes then this is the film for you. The claymation is spectacular and mind blowing that this was done frame by frame instead of all computer animated. While the songs aren’t as catchy as Nightmare Before Christmas they still have great melodies. The plot is more morbid and better in my opinion filled with twists and murder. While this movie is not as good as Nightmare Before Christmas, it is better because the film isn’t set around holidays so it is watchable year round. I definitely recommend watching Corpse Bride if you are looking for a more kid friendly horror movie.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

This film is interesting because the plot revolves around a man who is simply clumsy and he is trying to get married to a woman. He goes into the woods and accidentally get married to a corpse bride. The story is funny and tragic which makes it a joy to watch once. However once you find out that the man who is trying to cut in on the main characters fiance is the same man who killed the corpse bride, the film does loose some mystery. It is well executed and made.








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