Circle is a film where the entire plot takes place in one space much like Devil. The plot is drawn out and the movie is pretty painful to sit through. The dialogue is lackluster and there is several scenes that drag during the film. The concept seems good like Saw but there is little that redeems this film. It felt like the plot could be condensed into a half hour short film and it might be bearable because the plot twist isn’t worth sitting through the whole film. I would recommend watching something else to get your intellectual mind games on like Hannibal or a Sherlock Holmes film.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

Circle is the idea of a group of people try and solve why they are stuck in a room where they are dying every minutes or so. It tries to invade the mental state of people and what a person will do in extreme circumstances because they vote on which one of them dies. The film has to rely on a great script and acting for the movie to be interesting unfortunately Circle had none of that. The twist of the man surviving and not the child or pregnant woman could have been great but by that point I just wanted the movie to end. Then to see the man who survived walking around California with spaceships hovering showing that an alien race was the one behind the game was a let down.








        Replay Value




          • Slow Pace
          • Lack Luster Plot

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