Cat O’nine Tails

Cat O’nine Tails is an interesting film that brings together unusual characters and a unique plot that somehow works. While I did pick this up in a horror movie set, this film really isn’t quite horror and is more along the lines of an investigative crime film. The plot does move fairly slow and there are certain times where the viewer can easily checkout. It is a good film to watch if you need a mystery fix, but it isn’t the best either. It’s one of those movies which has to state it’s own title mid-movie if that gives you an inclination of the quality of the film.

Bottom Line (Waring Contains Spoilers)

What really sets the film apart for me is that one of the main characters is blind and he is playing a critical role and apprehending the criminal. The plot centers around a genetic company who has found a way to identify criminals. Cat O’nine Tails also has the issue where the police aren’t even seen and a reporter must solve everything. That’s not to say it’s bad, but just a known quantity which makes it tougher to get into and through the film. The ending was odd with the blind man somehow catching the killer. Then through the killer trying to escape the blind man tosses him into a ceiling window. It is an okay murder mystery, but it’s not a must own film nor is it a must watch.






      Thrill Ride


        Replay Value



          • Intereseting Plot Ideas


          • Some Cheesy Scenes

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