Brides of Dracula

Part of the Hammer films series Brides of Dracula is an interesting story based on the Dracula mythos. Peter Cushing is the star of the film, sadly Christopher Lee was not in this film. The story is very similar to Horror Of Dracula, but there are definitely differences between the plots. My main issue for the film is while it was a decent film there really wasn’t anything that made the film standout. The acting of Peter Cushing was great and worth seeing, but I would recommend seeing Horror Of Dracula with Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee or the original Dracula before taking the time to watch this one.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

The plot is very familiar a woman unwittingly releases a vampire from his prison and then proceeds to wreak havoc and tries to feed off of the woman who set her free. From there Peter Cushing must put an end to the vampires. This is where I felt the title was a bit deceiving the “brides” don’t necessarily have a major plot point, but rather a few brief scenes to show any woman vampires doing anything. That left me feeling that the film was very cookie cutter. While decent it felt more like a movie to see simply to try and check off the list and forget or to have on in the background and not need to play close attention to because you know what will happen during the film.








        Replay Value



          • Peter Cushing


          • Unoriginal
          • Not Scary

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