This film is a modern classic and I can see why people like this film. That being said it wasn’t something that I would ever watch again. The plot felt extremely circular and while the subject is interesting the feeling of I’ve seen this before in the last 30 minutes was prevalent throughout the film. The battles were pretty intense and some were funny, but honestly this film was not worth the nearly three hours of watching time. This issue really has nothing to do with the acting make the scenes boring just is only so many times you can watch a similar story line before you lose interest. Unlike the great epics from the 1950’s and the Peter Jackson Lord of The Rings trilogy the time length of the film just isn’t justified. It really felt forced and tried to make the film more grand than it should have been. The only real reason to watch this film is for the iconic ending. It would probably still have the same impact if you just skipped to the end of the film and ignore the rest of the movie.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

Is my view of this film an unpopular one? Probably yes. I want to make it clear that this review is independent on any off screen actions of Mel Gibson. Honestly I just can’t say this film is truly epic and a must see. There are too many issues with the plot and pacing that makes it slow and causes the viewer to zone out. The idea of adding a romantic plot to the film is not the issue with the film. Honestly it helps balance out the intense and brutal fights as well as it’s the catalyst for the entire film. However the idea to spin up a second romance for Wallace is not only odd but repetitive. The way the scenes are set up with secret meetings just like for his first romance becomes annoying, cliche, and honestly felt really lazy. The battles as well seem similar while it makes sense that battles are circular and if a strategy works use it again the plot leading to each battle was too formulaic making it easy to check out and a struggle to stay in the film. If a film is supposed to be great it shouldn’t make the viewer spend their time trying to focus on the film. It should just draw you in and not let go. Like I said previously it’s probably worth a watch just to say you’ve seen it, but honestly I wouldn’t say that Braveheart is a must see movie.








        Replay Value



          • Great Ending


          • Far Too Long
          • Circular Plot

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