Behold A Pale Horse

Behold A Pale Horse is a black and white film about the end of the Spanish Revolution which stars Gregory Peck and Anthony Quinn. The flow of the movie is great and builds up to its inevitable climax in such a way that kept my attention and the ending was not what I expected which was a nice change of pace from the generic cookie cutter film. The acting in the movie is great. Gregory Peck does a wonderful job starting as a character I didn’t like then showing that there were many layers to him which made me come to understand and care about his storyline. Overall Behold A Pale Horse is a good movie, but I felt like it was more based on the caliber of actors in it not necessarily the story around it which stopped it from being a great movie. I wouldn’t mind watching it again, but not anytime soon.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

The basic plot line of the film is that Gregory Peck was a bandit during the Spanish revolution and he is wanted man. Anthony Quinn wants to catch Peck. From there it becomes a dramatic film where Peck must find out who to trust and what to do about it. To me what made the movie also hurt it at the same time and that was the ending. Peck’s mother is dying and he wants to see her. Quinn lays a trap,  however his mother dies before he can  see her.  He is then betrayed by his close friend who tells him that she is still alive but he figures out she’s dead and goes to the trap anyways. Peck then kills his former friend instead of Quinn who was his main goal. After a fight with some soldiers Peck dies and then the film shows him being placed next to his mother. While this is a powerful scene it made me feel empty and that the ninety percent of the film was wasted building up to his death. I understand why they ended the film that way and it made the movie great, but also left me feeling like there was so much more that could have been done with the plot.








        Replay Value



          • Great Acting
          • Good Character Development


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