Baron Blood

From Mario Bava comes an interesting and wonderful Italian horror film. Baron Blood has one the most complex and interesting plot I’ve ever seen in a horror film. The film does start out slow but it does pick up and delivers great flow with amazing twists and turns. While the special effects are a bit lack luster the cinematography is wonderful not only creating an eerie feeling of terror but dread as well. If you are watching the dubbed version of this film I will warn you that some of the voices will clip and crackle due to poor recording quality, but it shouldn’t be a deterrent for watching this film it is a classic and timeless and should be a staple of your horror movie collection.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

This film takes quite awhile to live up to its name of Barron Blood as far as plot goes. The film is quite slow in some sense however the plot is decent. It’s only about half way through the film when Barron Blood is introduced as an actual living character after being brought back by ritual. Sound familiar? Much like Evil Dead, The Mummy, and other resurrection stories Barron Blood follows the same motif in it’s own unique way. Of course the protagonists beat the Barron and learn their lesson, however the joy of production and trip that unfolds makes it feel less cliche and much more enjoyable.








        Replay Value



          • Great Plot
          • Good Haunting


          • Some Slow Points

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