Back Door To Hell

This film stars Jimmie Rodgers and Jack Nicholson. The film takes place in the Pacific Theater of War World 2. Honestly Back Door To Hell feels incredibly short and everything was quickly thrown together. There are several scenes where the film feels forced and struggles to connect with the viewer. The action scenes are very interesting due to the fast paced nature of the film. They really do cram what should at least be an hour and a half film into 60ish minutes. The dialogue really feels forced and character development is forced. Honestly it’s interesting to see some of Jack Nicholson’s early work, but otherwise there are plenty of other War World 2 films to watch before this one.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

To spoil this short movie isn’t really spoiling it. The plot focuses on an intelligence mission where three men landing on a Japanese held island. Then they meet up with an anti-Japanese native group who stays with them for the rest of the movie. From there it involves saving children being threatened to death from Japanese military to torture then trying to relay their mission information to the U.S. forces. Honestly the entire film it is really hard to feel for any of the characters even though they are portraying American heroes. The only real surprise in the film is the fact that Jack Nicholson dies in the end. I wasn’t expect there to be a non-glorified picture painted of the war where main characters dies. As a World War 2 movie fan this film really falls short. I would recommend something more along the lines of Patton, Tora Tora Tora, or The Longest Day.






      Special Effects


        Replay Value



          • Great Actors
          • Early Jack Nicholson Film


          • Terrible Plot
          • Really Fast Paced
          • Film Felt Crammed

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