ARQ is a like a sci-fi Groundhogs Day. It is very hard to repeat the same situation over and over again while keeping it interesting, but this film does a decent job of doing that. However the film does start dragging on near the end. The special effects are good and there are plot twist galore in the film. The plot held my interest for most of ARQ. The character development and acting is rather flat but it does pick up during certain times. Camera angles and cinematography is very interesting because they let the viewer see different views on the same action. Overall ARQ is a decent sci-fi movie, but it’s not the greatest.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

The interesting part of the film is that depending on which iteration the characters were on certain people would remember the past events in the time loop and others not. It changed the pacing of the film enough to keep it interesting. However the romance angel in the film wasn’t as strong as it could have been. There were times where the two main characters would not trust each other only to not trust each other the next iteration. This provided a shaky plot and unrealistic romance which could have been better. That being said there is plenty of action. It has tons of surprises at every turn. My main issue with the film is the ending. While it tries to end on a happy note with the two main characters surviving the ordeal they only imply that is what happened. It left me feeling gypped. I sat through the film and I don’t get to see the how they did it or what happens after. ARQ is an interesting movie it’s has too many issues for me to want to see it again.






      Special Effects


        Replay Value



          • Novel Twist On Time Travel


          • A Few Slow Scenes
          • Very Ambiguous Ending

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