America’s Sweethearts

This romantic comedy is a classic with a star studded cast. The plot is over the top with truly crazy and unexpected moments from a press release junket for a movie that can restore the careers of two actors. John Cusack plays the perfect mentally unstable actor who is looking to restart his life after a mental breakdown. Julia Roberts is great as the witty and sarcastic assistant to Cathrine Zeta-Jones who is a self-absorbed actresses looking for anyway to advance her career. The man in charge of this three ring circus is Billy Crystal who delivers a fantastic performance that will make you laugh. This is a great film that is funny from start to finish and is personally my favorite romantic movie of all time. It’s honestly a must own and must watch film.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

Honestly this film is one of my favorite romantic comedies ever. The plot is great trying to bring to big stars back together for a press junket for a film no one has ever seen and the utter mad house that ensues it hilarious. For one thing the cast is simply stacked and makes it worth watching on star power alone, but it’s not the main thing that makes the film great. It’s original the plot is bizarre and makes the film and twists a joy to watch. The best thing is honestly John Cusack’s performance as Eddie Thomas. Cusack does a great job playing an actor who just got released from a rich persons insane asylum and struggles seeing his ex, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and trying to find some sort of sanity in the world. This film is just brilliant and a must own.










          Replay Value



            • Acting
            • Original Plot
            • Hilarious
            • High Replay Value


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