Age Of Dragons

A retelling of Moby Dick with dragons? Yes it sounds strange and if you are a purist for classic novels then this film isn’t for you. For others like me the concept is rather novel and well worth seeing a film version at least once. The animation is decent and doesn’t take away from the film. However once the novelty of the film wears off there isn’t much left of the film. The plot is slowly paced and lets the viewer zone out quite quickly. What really hurts the film the most is the dialogue between characters. It just feels wooden and forced, minus Danny Glover and Vinnie Jones. This causes the movie to really derail and honestly most plot twists and “powerful” scenes just become tedious and unbelievable. If you’re a fantasy fan and want a rather different film than it is worth seeing once. Else look somewhere else to get your Moby Dick or dragon fix.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

Age Of Dragons is in the weird zone of conceptually it is fantastic but the execution just kills the film and makes it unwatchable for most people. The best thing about this film is that instead of taking place in the sea it takes place on land and the boat is actually a tank. The tank is amazing looking and really the most ingenious part of the film. However a prop and background set can’t really make up for the weirdness of the acting and script. The idea of trying to put a romantic plot or side story into Moby Dick was ill conceived. It slows the pacing of the film down and when the plot finally reaches the point to make it worthwhile I found myself not caring, not to mention wishing the film was over. From there several other parts of the film that just leave me wondering why did you think this was a good idea. An example of this is letting Vinnie Jones die within the first 30 minutes of the film. He is one of the best actors in the film, why not keep him there to at least provide some quality acting to keep the viewers attention. Then from his death there is just a constant stream of death which just was over the top and caused me to struggle to care about any characters because they had a really high probability of dying. Honestly it’s almost worth watching once for the novelty of the film however it isn’t something I’d like to watch again.








        Replay Value



          • Original Plot
          • Good Animation


          • Painful Acting (Minus Danny Glover)
          • Weirdly Paced
          • Novel Concept With Little Substance

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