A Fistful Of Dollars

What really needs to be said about a Kurosawa movie made into a western starring Clint Eastwood? This movie is fantastic from the comedy of the mule at the very beginning of the film to the terrible dubbing into English and the disturbing villains. There are very incredible gun fight scenes that will leave the viewer at the edge of their seats. The most interesting thing I think about this film and The Man With No Name Trilogy is the social undertones that seemed to seep into the tale. While the John Wayne era westerns are very much a good vs bad style of film, Eastwood westerns have an antihero vibe where good and bad is blurred. This is a great film and definitely a must see film.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

The first in the Man With No Name Trilogy is an amazing Western and really highlights what a good Spaghetti Western is. From the first gun fight where Clint Eastwood kills five men to the fact he plays the two warring families against  each other to the final show down this film is a joy to watch. The best part of the film is the final gun fight where Clint Eastwood is shot by Gian Maria Volontè multiple times in the chest with a lever action 22. Each time he gets back up and we get to see Volontè become unnerved it always puts me at the edge of my seat. Then the final shot in the epic gun fight is a plot device that was mentioned throughout the film which is better a man with a rifle or a man with a pistol. A gun and rifle lay in the dirt both go for their respective weapon load in a shot and of course Clint Eastwood wins the final battle. I love this scene and can quote it line for line that’s how good it is.






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