A Bridge To Far

Based on the book this film is a staple of the war movie genre. With a star studded cast including Sean Connery, Micheal Cane, Gene Hackman, Anthony Hopkins, and James Cann the acting is truly incredible. There is enough banter between characters to laugh which is a nice reprieve from the gravity of what happened during this event. From start to finish this is an incredible film that any World War 2 buff will enjoy.

Bottom Line (Waring Contains Spoilers)

This is a long and heavy movie the movie is meant to not only show the horrors of war but the personal struggle each main character faces. Sean Connery dealing with bad radio crystal and heights, James Cann trying to save his officer by holding a doctor at gun point, to Robert Redford taking a group of soldiers in broad daylight across a river to stop the German forces. The film is brilliant and is a must watch for any WW2 buff.






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