8 1/2

This film is a foreign black and white classic, I went into this film this expecting a great and wonderful film. To be honest I was not disappointed the entire film centers around a director who is trying to make a film when his lover and wife show up at the same time. From there the film becomes a cinematic masterpiece which blurs the lines between what is real and what is in the director’s head. While the film does have a rather slow and tedious start it is well worth getting through the beginning because from there it truly becomes a powerful and intriguing film. The film is a must own and must see.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

At first this film really does seem to be a drama in every sense of the word however as the film slowly moves through the paces the intricacy of the film builds and what happens is the lines between what is real and what is in the director’s head begin to blur in a beautifully shot amalgamation which only reaches a fever pitch conclusion which is one of the most powerful and beautiful scenes in any film. The idea for this film is majestic and the execution is on another level. The acting of Marcello Mastroianni is what sets the film apart acting as both calm and in control while on the other hand slowly going insane. If you are looking for an fantastic drama and a classic this is the film to see.








        Replay Value



          • Briliant Plot
          • Incredible Cinematography
          • Perfect Acting
          • Classic


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