12 Monkeys

This Terry Gilliam classic about a rather disturbing dystopian future is an unique film. At first it took quite awhile to get into the meat of the film. While the plot is paced and written well, the beginning does leave the viewer a little lost as the atmosphere and background is built. However once the film gets to the bread and butter the acting really shines. Both Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt create great chemistry which will captive the viewer. The time travel plot does have holes in it, but the depth of mystery and suspense more than makes up for those plot holes. If you like sci-fi, mystery, dystopian films 12 Monkeys is a must see. It is definitely a film worth watching multiple times.

Bottom Line (Warning Contains Spoilers)

12 Monkeys is a wonderful film that shows how civilization changes after a catastrophe claims most the people in the world and it is forced to hide underground. The films abrupt style is jarring at first where the viewer is simply tossed into a future world and forced to watch rather perplexed at the situation that is unraveling before them. It is refreshing to watch a movie where there isn’t a lot of hand holding through the plot. Comedic devices are well weaved into the sci-fi drama that is the main substance of the film. It is great to see how Brad Pitt’s character is used to provide plot points but mixed with his mental state in the film it is hard to not chuckle at what is going on. This interaction with Bruce WIllis’ straight laced focused character makes for an unique dynamic that leaves a great impression on me and something that sticks with me even after the movie has ended. This is a film that is worth seeing and there are very minimal drawbacks to it. The plot is structured in such a way that it is worth seeing multiple times to see if there are any plot points that were subtly stated or hinted at which the viewer missed. It is a great film and Terry Gilliam did a wonderful job making it a classic that deserves to be seen.








        Replay Value



          • Great Acting
          • Wonderful Plot
          • Good Tension and Action


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